Care For All CD
to benefit the Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign

Care for All

A compilation of tracks from musicians for healthcare

  1. Never LearnThe Devil Makes Three (4:58)
    Guitarist/frontman Pete Bernhard, bassist Lucia Turino, and guitarist Cooper McBean
    from “Longhorns, Boots, and a Belt” CD.
  2. Our Time’s Not UpPete Sutherland (4:05)
    from “A Clayfoot’s Tale” CD.
  3. EvergreenBecky Tracy (3:31)
    from “Evergreen” CD.
  4. Care For AllSi Kahn (3:07)
    written expressly for Healthcare Is a Human Right.
  5. Scratch It While You CanChris Kleeman (4:41)
    from “Northern Blue” CD
  6. Let's Cherish The DayKristina Stykos (5:13)
    from her upcoming solo “Raven” CD.
  7. Wedding DayEugene Friesen (3:44)
  8. Regain/Psalm of Life/Plant Un ChouNightingale (6:52)
    from “Three” CD.
  9. Hard Times, Come Again No MoreScott Ainslie (4:48)
    from “Jealous of the Moon” CD.
  10. Suffering Of The PeopleAnais Mitchell/Maddub (4:11)
    created expressly for this project.