Care For All CD
to benefit the Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign

Anais Mitchell & MADDUB:
The Suffering of the People

Bennett Shapiro
dub, keys
Phil Carr
Chapman stick
Fred Wilbur
Anais Mitchell &Friends

Suffering of the People was produced and recorded by Bennett Shapiro at Lovetown in Middlesex, VT specifically for the Care For All CD. Anais says, "This refrain came to me out of the blue, when I started thinking about this compilation project: blunt, but true."


According to Anais, she's always wanted to work on a project with MADDUB, "and this seemed like a great opportunity for VT artists to get together to support a movement we strongly believe in.  We roped in some central VT friends to to act as the 'populist chorus'. Our healthcare system is criminal, a human tragedy. If any state can lead the way to a more humane system, it's Vermont!"

From her current home base in a 200-year-old farmhouse in rural Vermont, Anais writes songs that are intimate like conversations and richly detailed like short stories. The daughter of hippie back-to-the-landers, she remembers her family’s home (another farmhouse in Vermont) containing a library full of novels, and lots of old folk and psychedelic rock albums. The books and the records all lived in the same room, which she says, "I am sure led to me thinking of songwriting as a kind of literature, a noble poetic enterprise."

maddubMADDUB is a dubtronica band in Vermont, centered in the historic yet warped micro-metropolis of the state capital, Montpelier. MADDUB includes: Philly Carr on Drums, Fred Wilber on Keys, Jofus on the Chapman Stick and Bennett Shapiro on processing and treatments. They are joined on occasion by a flood of instrumentalists and vocalists, often including Adam Woogmaster (of Viperhouse and Mr. Dooley fame). Playing mostly original dance music, MADDUB mixes genres, rhythms, and metaphors like chefs beating egg whites - the harder and faster the better. Usually accompanied by a killer light show, MADDUB is an ongoing experiment in the alchemy of rhythm and roots. MADDUB was started as a radical, but necessary response to a precipitous decline in the levels of conscious dance music available in Vermont.