Care For All CD
to benefit the Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign

Care For All:
Musicians Produce Benefit Recording

Producer and Blues singer/guitarist Scott Ainslie pulled together nine other musicians, and a Grammy award-winning engineer and studio, for a music compilation in support of a Vermont campaign to establish healthcare as a human right rather than a commercial commodity, a public good rather than an economic privilege. Vermont’s Independent Senator Bernie Sanders even turns up in a track.

Brattleboro, VT (CattailMusicPR) December 1, 2009 –– While Congress is wrangling over healthcare in Washington, DC, a new recording has been produced featuring Vermont musicians to raise money and awareness all over the country in support of establishing healthcare as a human right.

With a diverse group of musicians, artists, and independent web professionals, Vermont producer/musician Scott Ainslie has pulled together a benefit CD for the Healthcare Is A Human Right campaign of the Vermont Workers’ Center (VWC), a social and labor justice organization in centered in Burlington, VT.

The CD features a diverse group of musicians – Paul Winter Consort veteran cellist Eugene Friesen; the Northern traditional music power trio Nightingale; The Devil Makes Three; Blues guitarists Chris Kleeman and Scott Ainslie; fiddler Becky Tracy; and songwriters Kristina Stykos, Pete Sutherland, Si Kahn and Anais Mitchell (whose track includes Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders!). The cover art was donated by noted landscape artist Petria Mitchell., a website featuring sound clips, bios, background information on the artists, and online sales of the CD was designed, built, and donated by Barb Ackemann at Irislines Web Design.

“With mixing and mastering donated by Grammy Award-winning engineer Corin Nelsen and Will Ackerman’s Imaginary Road Studios,” Ainslie notes, “the music sounds great.”

The Healthcare Is A Human Right campaign is bent on moving Vermont, and then the nation, toward a fairer, more accessible, and more efficient healthcare system that won’t discriminate against people who are economically disadvantaged. A VWC Healthcare Is A Human Right rally at the state house in Montpelier last spring drew more than 1000 Vermonters to the capital grounds, the largest weekday rally in memory. According to Ainslie, all across the country healthcare is emerging as the civil rights issue of our time.

“Music has always played a vital role in the creation and the nourishment of social justice movements. Musicians have once again answered the call. Those who have little are once again giving to those who have less. And while the big money is on the side of the insurance companies and the corporations–as it always has been ­– it’s amazing how many times in history that hasn’t been enough.” Ainslie says, “We believe that history is with us and that we are living in one of those times right now. It won’t last forever. We needed to act.”

“Like others who are self-employed,” Ainslie says, “many of the artists involved struggle to find and to pay for healthcare and insurance outside the current employer-based healthcare system. Ranging in age from their mid-twenties to their mid-sixties, many of the participating artists pay exorbitant premiums for individual healthcare policies with high deductibles and meager coverage, or take their chances doing without. They have first-hand knowledge of the problems with how America has chosen to handle the healthcare needs of its citizens.”

In the Care For All liner notes, Ainslie writes, “The premise here is simple: when we agree that healthcare is a human right, public policy will move toward a healthcare delivery system that is based upon medical need rather than corporate greed. Though most of us believe a single-payer system will do this most efficiently and fairly, the campaign’s goal is to gain widespread agreement that healthcare is a public good, not a commodity; a component of the commonwealth, not private wealth; and a human right, not an economic privilege.”

“All the music, artwork, time, and talent for this project has been donated by the musicians, artists, and music and web professionals involved,” Ainslie says. “While the artists may not have had money to give to the cause, they have been generous with their talent. This is a very moving, beautiful and professional collection of tunes that will stand on its own artistically with the best acoustic music out there.”

All proceeds from the sale and distribution of Care For All will go to the Vermont Workers’ Center Healthcare Is A Human Right campaign to provide the funds necessary to raise public awareness and grassroots support of a just and accessible healthcare system.


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