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Our Time's Not Up

Lyrics & Music, Pete Sutherland

Folks settin' round home and frettin'
How they never get a chance
I’ve got a feelin'; so strong, there's only one thing wrong:
They’ve all forgot how to sing and dance.

Our time’s not up yet
Our day may not even have dawned
If we fall like the cold rain, we are bound to shine like the sun
We are flames that burn by magic
We are stories not yet sung
There is music in our speech, peace within our reach
Kindness in our cup - our time’s not u.

TV moan and the headlines drone
Such dismal hopeless stuff
Call me naive, but I just don’t believe
That we were sent down here for nothing.

We’ve been given this gift of livin'
How could we think to abuse it?
Feel the power slip away by the hour
It's one of those things: you gotta use it or lose it.