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Let's Cherish the Day

Lyrics & Music: Kristina Stykos

Come away, come with me now
Rise in the stillness - don’t make a sound
Step through this doorway blue as the sky
We’ll find a way, we’ll find the time

Come away, open your eyes.
Walk in the river of the sunrise.
Follow me quickly, through willow and pine.
Gather your senses, share what is mine.

Let's cherish the day, for all that we've seen.
Cherish the winds of change, for against them we lean.
Cherish the tears of love, pure channels through time.
We'll find a way.

Let’s cherish the day, for all that we’ve dreamed.
Cherish the leaf and the journey, the current, the stream.
Cherish the crossroads and those left behind.
Cherish your life.

Come away, there is no lie
Under this hemlock, under this sky.
Come empty-handed, blessed and new.
Lay here beside me hidden from view.